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Our 30 years in the rigging and millwright industry has made us a preferred vendor to many companies looking for a professional and reliable solution to their rigging needs.  Years of experience have given us the ability to even make the most difficult jobs seem simple.

Over the years we have acquired the best equipment to get the job done safe and with as little down time to the customer as possible. National Machinery Movers has a variety of fork lifts ranging from 1,500 lbs to 40,000 lbs. Machinery dollies and Jacks capable of lifting 200 Tons.

We work in conjunction with a variety of qualified sub contractors, such as Crane and Transportation.  All our employees are OSHA certified signalmen and riggers.

Hydraulic Jacking.

Our 200 Ton Hydraulic Jacking system works similar to a Hydraulic gantry, instead of lifting from above, the equipment is jacked from underneath.  This system is more versatile, needing much less space on the top and sides. 

With minimal set up time this has proven itself to be a great option for raising heavy equipment where a forklift is not accessible.

We have used this system to lower a four post press into a pit, raise a 158,000 lb Injection Molding Machine onto dollies, raised and lowered an 80,000 Gallon fuel tank and even raised buildings to allow for a full foundation.


National Machinery Movers, Inc. has an air ride fleet.  With numerous different combinations of trucks and trailers. 

Our most used and versatile trailers are our sliding axle trailers. With one being a tandem axle and one a tri-axle. Both trailers have a 3' ride height, they can ramp down to ground level and also raise up to dock height.  

We also have a vast variety of canvases to fit any type of machinery that is being moved.

We work with reputable trucking companies for some of  our oversize and long distance hauling.


National Machinery Movers, Inc. main focus is to make sure your equipment arrives to its final destination in the same condition it left.  We provide custom made skids as well as full crates.  Foil barrier, desiccant and heat treated lumber is also available for international shipments. 

Our team can build quality skids on the job or remove equipment and skid at our facility.  From there we can load, block and brace into trailers or containers.

Our facility provides a safe heated environment for your machinery to be stored. We provide 15,000 Sq feet of indoor storage and also 20,000 Sq feet of outdoor storage. 

Our facility is gated for security purposes and has both ground level and loading docks.

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